About Us

Highly Skilled and Experienced

Over the years we have established a reputation of providing quality projects, within budget, and on time (or ahead!). Our highly experienced qualified team of Project Managers, Superintendents, and in-house labor crews, in combination with the strong rapport we have built with local subcontractors, maintain a tight control of schedule, cost and quality of every project we take on.  Our General Manager, Michael Douglas, is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified. This accreditation puts Barcom ahead of the curve for understanding and implementing “Green Construction”.

About Barcom Construction

The will to succeed and do it right motivated Dave and Elaine Hoffman to start Barcom in 1986 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Beginning with carpentry, millwork and custom painting – the detail work of the construction business – gave them the unique edge of being known as specialists in high-end tenant finish jobs. And just that attention to detail has parlayed a small family business into a corporation doing multi-million dollar projects.

With the help of a team of as many as 80, the scope of Barcom’s work now ranges from medical facilities, schools and banks to restaurants, gas stations and refineries in numerous locales. With a substantial bonding capacity behind it, Barcom’s team includes not only skilled superintendents but also project managers and construction specialists who make certain that delivery of service and quality work is foremost on any job.

Barcom’s husband-and-wife founders remain active leaders in each of the company’s general contracting projects, stressing by word and deed the attention to detail. Proof of this is that they have never been assessed liquidated damages for a late job. In fact, the company has received hefty bonuses for finishing jobs early!